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Making the Most of Being a Referral Agent 
After obtaining a real license, everyone is not interested in or available to actively practicing real estate.  Sometimes there are time constraints which limit the ability to be a full-time or even a part-time agent while other times there is a location issue or perhaps just no interest.  So many of these agents decide to become referral agents.  By going this route they are able to remain in the real estate field and keep up-to-date on the latest information.  However, how do they operate their referral business to make it effective and profitable?  The purpose of this course is to answer this question.  Students will learn how to present their value, market themselves and the duties that are specific to referral agents

Where The Heck Did I Put That? Get Organized & Never Ask Again
Think about this.  How much time do you waste searching for files, notes, phone numbers and so on?  On top of that, most real estate professionals do not work in one place.  Most move from home to car to office to coffee shop to car trunk conducting business.  Agents use desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and paper to carry out the tasks required of the real estate business.  Due to the inherent constant mobility, many agents tend to misplace, overlook or forget important items needed when dealing with their clients and customers.  So how do real estate agents keep up with their business with so much movement and shifting from one media to the next???  The fact is an organized life leads to a productive life.  This course will provide specific techniques to immediately bring organization into your mobile world whether you use pencil and paper or electronic devices.  You will walk away with tools in hand to be a more effective real estate professional.  Also everyone is encouraged to bring laptops and tablets to implement techniques on the spot.

Business Planning with the Consumer in Mind
There comes a time in every agent’s life when the decision is made to stop the madness and start planning for success.  Unfortunately, many agents make this decision when failure has brought them to the place where they have to choose between ending their real estate career and giving it one last try with a plan in hand.  This can all be avoided if agents would first view their real estate career as a business and view the folks they assist as consumers.  This course has been designed to help the agent create their business plan, but only after researching the consumer market in order to better serve consumer needs and manage transactions.